28 February 2012

Play Aid - Summary Chart

Tha Summary Thingie
So people buggered me about a cheat-sheet and I promptly (as in, after a few ages) answered.
THIS is one very ugly but very useful chart with all the important bits out in the open:
- how to make Influence
- how to squander Influence
- how to incur in Opposition
- how to grab Equipment
- how to waste your precious Ties

It also sports some VERY IMPORTANT "Reminders".


Alas the Tactical Ops Contest Part Two (dam'n I need a shorter name for this thing! >_<) is proceeding well, the first submissions are starting to land in my mailbox and OH BOY aren't they beeUtiful!
Keep em coming!
Carve your place into my game's history!

1 comment:

Daniele Di Rubbo said...

Nell’ultima frase («achieve one Goal without rolling dicem») c’รจ una “m” di troppo.