16 February 2012


In the Tactical Ops RPG you don't have a normal Character Sheet.
What you have instead is a deck of cards, or Character Deck.

It contains the following cards:
1 Identity card, to record your PC's name, race, training and Modes.
1 Score card, to record your current Influence and Resource totals.
1 Hurt card, to record all your PC's hurts and ailments.
1 Effort card, to keep track of all 3 Effort Pools.
3 Skill cards, to easily visualize all your skill Groups, Foci and Specialties.
1+ Perk card(s), to record your ever-growing list of Perks.

All these cards can be printed out from a single sheet of paper and then cut out and put into some oh-so-common protective card-sleeves.
A first draft can be downloaded from HERE.

Most cards require you to write stuff on them only sporadically, so you will not have to continuously take them in-&-out of their sleeves.
Some cards tally points that rapidly change during play... these cards are designed to allow for easy number-tracking using paper-clips.

Other cards that will be part of your PC are added on the fly as the game goes on.
Each one of your Character's Ties is represented by a single card, just like each piece of mechanically relevant Equipment.
These cards are simply post-it sheets folded on themselves to seal the glued edge and fit into a card-sleeve.

At the end of the day you end up with a slim deck of cards containing all there is to know (rules-wise) about your Character.

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