12 July 2012

A Flash From The Past

What I'm giving you here is the English translation of the #1st Tactical Ops Actual Play ever made.
So, nothing new under the sun for my Italian fellows, but a juicy piece of gaming for the rest of the World! è_é

Fun Fact: when I was first designing TOps I thought that it would be a good action game, but it would N-E-V-E-R support an investigation.
Turns out that most of my playtests somehow become full-blown investigations, the first of which (that you can read with this AP) had a distinct "CSI" vibe with a heavy conspirancy undertone.

Amazazing! :D

Read the full Actual Play HERE.

8 July 2012

Marry Christmas and a happy new July

Seems that the release of a BETA document produced some interesting movement around the Tactical Ops project.
To thank everyone for the support and help I'm here going to deliver a double dose of goodness!

FIRST ... a new Actual Play (read it HERE) explaining why and how Google Hangout is, right now, not really exactly so much a good medium to play TOps :P
It also delineates a few bugs of the ruleset.

SECOND ... a new BETA release, with all the bug-fixes one can dream of, and especially those highlighted in the above mentioned Actual Play.
Download it HERE.

For the impatient and the terminally curious, the main fixes are two:
- fixed the Pitfall effect ... now it works properly
- added the new & shiny Soft Opposition structure of effects