27 June 2012

The Alpha and the Not-Yet-Omega

I've finally decided to get Tactical Ops out of the bushes and officially close it Alpha stage.
This means that from now on the current rulebook will be publicly available for the world at large!

The document is still just a very scrawny PDF with no graphic whatsoever.
But its clear and easy to read (I hope).

It is still a BETA, and as such is prone to changes and corrections.
But the game is all there.

As usual, ALL feedback will be very much wellcome and valued.
From typos to text organization, from doubts to critics ... and of course YOUR actual plays will be the most valued input of all :)

as of now there might be a few little discrepancies between the numbers in the Rulebook and those shown in the Game Summary Sheet ... use the Rulebook values.
An updated version is on its way.

22 June 2012

Doing It Again

The second and final part of the 4th Actual Play is finally online.
This time I chose to leave out almost all the fictional events and instead focus on what the Players liked or disliked.

Just follow the LINK and enjoy!

15 June 2012

Practice Makes Us Players

Actual Play!
Abemus a new Actual Play ... and this time ... it comes in english!

Despite the perils of Real Life and the nefarious influx of the ever malevolent "Job" I managed to have a quickye with the woman I love and in two hours the game was prepped, started and brought to a bit less than half completion.

Read all the details HERE!

13 June 2012

Character Sheets Day

Today is a day to be celebrated, for Tactical Ops acquires its official Character Sheet!
Now players will be able to record all their stats on a clear and easy-to-use central record-sheet.

Static values such as MODEs and SKILLs will be recorded all in one place, while the dinamic pools of EFFORT and INFLUENCE will be tracked with paper-clips, thanks to their "margin friendly" design.
HURT also has a big and comfy place in the middle of it all, with even some spare space for annotations.

Aaaaaand ... wait for it ... the New and Improved and Graphically Pleasing gaaaaaaame SUMMARY SHEET!
Yeah, no kidding, it's for real è_é


Thank You Filippo Porcelli !

12 June 2012

Let's Do The Time Warp Again

So I've been measuring the time it takes to create a bunch of Characters.
At first I was a bit perplexed.
I knew the char-gen process was damn easy and quick, with no number crunching, no complex tasks, no browsing through endless lists of stuff.
And yet every time I created PCs with other people it took about 1h to complete the process.

But after some time I noticed that that amount of time (1h) was constant.
It didn't matter that I was playing with just one other person or a group of five; char-gen always took about 1h.

Then it dawned on me.
I had always playtested with NEW people at the table.
The char-gen process IS much faster than 1h ... but THAT is the time it takes me to explain the basic functioning of the game to a degree which allows n00bs to make the choices required to build their character AND subsequently build it.

I'm now curious to test the game with a group of players already acquainted with its mechanics, in order to see how much time it takes to build a full team of characters without the need for introductiry explanations.

5 June 2012


For anyone that is interested, I'll have you know that the rulebook is being upgraded!

First and foremost, the Cyberpunk World color hack is now officially part of the book, in the 2nd Appendix.

Secondly, both Character Sheet and Game Summary Sheet are getting a huge facelift.
And the game logo too!

HuzzaH! è_é

3 June 2012

Not Dead Which Eternal Lies...

Do not despair, fellow players, the project is not over or in any way suspended! è_é
I'm posting from Granada (Spain) where I've lived in the past two months (and will still be 'till the end of July).
Real Life is kind of exceedingly busy right now, denying me the time to post with any degree of consistency, but I haven't given up!

To demonstrate this I'm now delivering a brand new (and incredibly ugly) Game Summary Sheet.

I'll also have you know that the Main Rulebook will contain two extra Appendices.
They will offer some pre-generated materials that will enable even n00b Players to immediately play into a generic Fantasy or Cyberpunk setting.

And with no further ado...