14 February 2012

Tactical Ops in 8 moves

So my new project Tactical Ops ... what the eff is it?!
I'll tell you in eight points...

1) The Hamsterless Engine
Do you know those "narrative" games where we just somewhat like chat with each other?
Forget them!
Imagine instead a game with a proper GM that cooks up an engaging story, a complex plot, contents tailored for your PC ... but without a GM, and without prep times, and without you being forced to be the director of the story.
Every participant just plays HIS character, with just little extra contributions here and there if/when you feel comfortable.

2) Fiction Mastery
The system is simple, so you don't have to study 300+ pages of rules and numbers BUT it is also articulated, so you can min-max your PC, watch it grow and develop, you can thinker with its "optimal build".
All this is aggressively rooted into the game fiction, rewarding smart ideas and out of the box thinking.

3) Low Requirements
The game works with just 2 players and as much as 5 or 6.
There's no prep time, except for Character Generation ... which is quite brief.
You only need normal 6 sided dice; 3 colors is best, but just 2 will work fine.

4) Character-in-a-Box
Stop filling in tax modules to record your PC's stats!
Now your Character is sheet is a deck of cards representing his abilities, equipments, ties and all other important elements.

5) Setting-in-a-Box
Thanks to how the game works it is possible to translate a whole setting into a little-tiny-compendium supported by a set of cards, condensing what used to be a 300+ almanac into ultra-lite materials 100% playable.
Every Box is composed by:
- a veeery brief introduction to the setting
- a veeery brief description (no numbers!) of characteristic "active" elements (places, people, creatures, organizations, things, etc)
- some short lists (almost no numbers!) of mechanical elements pre-packaged to fit the setting's flavour (races, weapons, powers)
- each element (not in the lists) should have a card containing the element's Name, page number on the compendium, and a big nice picture (potentially substituting some descriptive text, making the compendium even lighter)

6) OUR Setting
With or without the use of a Setting-in-a-Box the game works in a way that spontaneously produces setting.
Through the act of playing you'll define a series of Places, Persons and other Details unique to the fictional world produced at YOUR table.

- Yet to come, but coming none the less -

7) Achievements!
Just like in a videogame, you can friendly compete with your friends to earn "_Badges_" representing various game-related things.
Each badge will have special one-shot powers.
The game will offer a standard selection, but in time each group is expected to develop its own unique Achievements.

8) One Hour Play!
The game will have a special play-mode designed to make it playable from start to finish in 60 minutes through the use of pre-gen Characters, pre-gen Missions, special Achievements and other minor adjustments.

- Other Work In Progress Annotations -
The game is currently in ALPHA testing.
It has worked so far, but needs wider and deeper abuse.

There is no Setting-In-A-Box as of yet, but I'm tinkering with the SLA Industries universe as a celebratory experiment ... and a unique and original Setting-in-a-Box (DreamWake)will follow soon after.

Character-Cards are being designed right now :P

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