17 September 2012

I told you u_u

As promised a few days ago I present to you all the latest BETA Rulebook and its unbelievably  improved Character Sheet!

And this is a quick list of all the main chnges and updates:
- attempted some typo corrections and text editing
- introducing the Dice-Card system, to use a deck of cards in place of the dice (NOT YET IMPLEMENTED!)
- cleared A LOT the communication rules about Detailing and Fiction Manipulation
- added a Nemesis step to the Scene Framing procedure
- Simple CharGen rules are now an official option
- MODEs no longer have a Defensive Way of action
- MODEs are now 0 to 5 instead of 0 to 3
- 1 Effort point buys 1 Action die
- Perks now cost 20 Influence for all levels, max 3 levels
- Inner Strength rules are now official
- Mementoes cost 20 Influence instead of 10, and can only be 5 in total
- adding a PC to a scene costs 5 Influence
- rising Complexity now earns +3 Influence instead of +1
- fixed stuff on all Hard Opposition effects
- Character Sheet and Game Summary Sheet are now merged into a single sheet, for ease of use and instant access to all important info
- small fix to how Drawbacks work
- big fix on how Consumables work
- removed the Revive option and fixed the Game Over rules
- fixed a few details in the FollowUp phase
- Defeat conditions explained
- Obstacle identity explained



EDIT 18-09-2012
I forgot that the Dice-Card system is not yet implemented!
Sorry for the error >_<


AlessandroPiroddi said...

Added an EDIT to correct a mistake... sorry for the inconvenience :P

Mic said...

Ciao Alessandro,
ho scaricato il manuale ma non mi è chiara una cosa: dove trovo l'Opposition deck?

Grazie mille per il lavoro che stai portando avanti!


AlessandroPiroddi said...

Ciao Michele! :)
Grazie mille a te per l'interesse, e se ti capita di giocare, mi raccomando fammelo sapere :D

Al momento non esiste un deck stampabile.
Semplicemente prendi un foglio bianco, srappalo/taglialo in tanti rettangolini e su ognuno scrivi TWIST oppure HURT oppure NEMESIS etc ... fino a formare il mazzo base da 7.

Poi tieniti un pò di carte bianche per espanderlo man mano che il gioco va avanti.

Intendo fornire un file stampabile, ma più avanti.