12 September 2012

After A Long Silence

The past few months have been quite hectic.
This, added to my natural lazyness, meant I had no time to post here.
But things happened... oh boy, YES they happened!

First of all I'm giving you the actual play of a two session game, in a fantasy setting.
It has lots of game-relevant meat, and is very slim on the resulting fiction, so it's a quick and dirty reading.
Enjoy it HERE.

Then I'm announcing ANOTHER actual play that took place during the italian game convention GnoccoCON, happened the 1st and 2nd of September 2012.
It was a 6 player game where I took part only as external facilitator.
But I'm keeping it hostage for now, you'll have it only on the next blog update!

Finally I'm telling you that the game rules have received quite some love in the past months, and a host of little (and not so little) changes have been brought into effect.
As the text is currently being revised I'm not yet gonna give you a new rulebook version, but I'll tease you with a partial change log:
- made some typo corrections and text editing
- introducing the Dice-Card system, to use a deck of cards in place of the dice
- cleared A LOT the communication rules about Detailing and Fiction Manipulation- Simple CharGen rules are now an official option
- MODEs no longer have a Defensive Way of action
- MODEs are now 0 to 5 instead of 0 to 3
- 1 Effort point buys 1 Action die
- Inner Strength rules are now official
- adding a PC to a scene costs 5 Influence
- rising Complexity now earns +3 Influence instead of +1
- fixed stuff on all Hard Opposition effects

- Character Sheet and Game Summary Sheet are now merged into a single sheet, for ease of use and instant access to all important info

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