25 November 2012

Rules They Are A Changing

After quite some time spent playtesting and refining, after some very interesting meetings and chats with other designers, after some more playtesting and then finally some additional playtesting too... after all that I present to thee the latest and greatest version of my game!

Game structure is the same, and core mechanics are the same too (with a few exceptions) but so many other things received fixes that I wouldn't know where to begin!!!
Or I could post the changelog... yeah... that too u_u

Enjoy Tha Goodness Ye Freaks!
(I know, I shouldn't get carried away, sue me! :P)

TOps Beta Rules
TOps Beta Sheet

TOps change log:
- attempted some typo corrections and text editing
- expanded the Introduction info
- all new dice rolling mechanic!
- all Effort rules have been removed from the game
- “Simple” CharGen is now THE CharGen method
- fixed CharGen points for MODE, Tools and Perks
- the Social skill-group got renamed to Communication
- added a fix to the Multiple Characters in a Challenge section
- Mementos mechanics radically changed
- Support rolls work differently
- awesome Victory rolls can drop more than one Complexity point at once
- Complexity does not earn Influence anymore, but rises an Obstacle’s VP value
- various fixes to Soft Opposition effects
- various fixes to Hard Opposition effects
- fixed many Goal mechanics
- added a new Hurt as a Resource option to nullify Hard Opposition effects
- radically changed all FollowUp procedures
- Consumable option removed from the core rules
- changed the way Drawbacks work
- fully revised both Cyber Ops and Fantasy Ops appendix

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