27 June 2012

The Alpha and the Not-Yet-Omega

I've finally decided to get Tactical Ops out of the bushes and officially close it Alpha stage.
This means that from now on the current rulebook will be publicly available for the world at large!

The document is still just a very scrawny PDF with no graphic whatsoever.
But its clear and easy to read (I hope).

It is still a BETA, and as such is prone to changes and corrections.
But the game is all there.

As usual, ALL feedback will be very much wellcome and valued.
From typos to text organization, from doubts to critics ... and of course YOUR actual plays will be the most valued input of all :)

as of now there might be a few little discrepancies between the numbers in the Rulebook and those shown in the Game Summary Sheet ... use the Rulebook values.
An updated version is on its way.

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